Koraly Dimitriadis / Love and Fuck Poems (the deluxe edition)

Koraly Dimitriadis / Love and Fuck Poems (the deluxe edition)

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Sexually repressed, separated Greek Girl on a rampage. There’s no love here just fucks. But is she fucking him or fucking herself? A trailblazing story told through poetry of culture, divorce, love and the maddening scurry to find the sexual self.

“Blood, Fire, Love & Passion; scramble! Direct hit.”
- TT.O., 24 Hours

“Love and Fuck Poems is raw, audacious and courageous. Bravo!”
- Christos Tsiolkas, The Slap.

“Wow. Dimitriadis pulls no punches here. This is armed-missile poetry. You won’t read anything like this in The Monthly.”
- Kate Holden, In my Skin

“An unashamed poetic celebration of one woman’s liberation from the chains of marital convention, sexual repression and cultural obligation.” - Maxine Beneba Clarke, Foreign Soil

“A feminist critique on the conservative expectations that migrant families often place on their daughters.”
- Neos Kosmos Newspaper

“An emotional self-examination with a hand-mirror.”- AU Review