Chalise van Wyngaardt / Author and Melody

Chalise van Wyngaardt / Author and Melody

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Two women fall in love, 
Wind is on their side. Time is not.

It doesn't take long for Author and Melody to become inseparable, but as soon as they do, Time warns them to turn back while they can.

Will they heed Time's warnings, or walk on with Wind, hand in hand, down a path that could ensure their own tragedies?

Part fable, part poetry anthology, part script, Chalise van Wyngaardt's Author & Melody takes us by the wrist through what it means to love, what it means to shatter into a million pieces, and what it means to keep on trusting.

'Chalise is in love with language, and language loves her right back As a poet and performer, she has never not impressed me.' Steve Smart

'Chalise lays down a trail of words like human nectar, to draw the wild ones out in to the open again.' Bravo Child