Amy Bodossian / Wide Open

Amy Bodossian / Wide Open

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From high speed sex on the highway to domestic bliss. From kissing the dizzying heights of new love to skinning her knees on the concrete of rejection. From fucking amongst her childhood toys to the agony of letting go on the beach at midnight, Amy plunges into the treacherous yet expansive oceans of romantic love with a heart that will not harden. A heart that will always be ‘wide open’.

This story told through poetry includes Amy's illustrations.

“Bodossian’s poetry is a constantly surprising delight. She straddles the lines between satire and serious art, sweetness and obscenity, sexiness and gawkiness.”
The Advertiser

“There isn’t a pigeon hole in existence that could possibly hold Amy Bodossian. No warning. No apologies.”
Finger Magazine

“Vulnerable, honest, primal, cosmic, elemental and ultimately unforgettable. Amy reminds you of all the hurt and wonder of being alive.”
Bronwyn Lovell, Winner Adrien Abbott Poetry Prize